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Local, fresh, flavorful, artisan, hand made

You want it local. You want it fresh, fresher, freshest. You want flavor, amazing flavor, out-of-the-park and over-the-top flavor. You want artisan, small batch, made to order, made by hand.

Good: we're glad you're here. 

You're in the right place.

Little Brother

That picture up there (the coyote): We took it sitting out front of the house with "Little Brother." About 10 feet away. He likes us. We like him. We get along. We named the farm after him: Smiling Coyote Farm.

It Runs in the Family

Smiling Coyote Farm is operated by Woody Williams. In the past, a chef and a chef owner and currently (always) passionate about food and ingredients. It's something that comes naturally.

Our grandfather owned a restaurant. Our father worked there as a young man. As a boy, we regularly--like almost every weekend during the summer--enjoyed our uncle's (Uncle Bern) garden, as well as his grilled, barbecued, and smoked meats. Heavenly!

Our Dad (B.T.), was just as well known for his marinara, navy beans, and smoked chicken, to name just a few things. Tom, our brother, is also in a food service business and is a chef-quality cook himself. 

Yep, it runs in the family. 

We have cultivated fruits, vegetables, and herbs in this location for over 30 years and started gardening at the age of 11... sold our first commercial crop of organic produce to a distributor in Ft. Worth, TX in 1973. And, just kept growing ever since. 

No Chemicals on the Veggies

You don't like them, we don't like them, so we just don't do it. We rely primarily on healthy plants and soils as well as cultural practices to lessen the impact of diseases and pests. When needed, we may employ botanical aids like Neem or biological ones like BT to help keep things in balance.

Oh, yes, we know you want vegetables and fruits with awesome flavor so we select only the best tasting varieties.

Artisan Herb/Spice and Tea Blends

In addition to garden produce, we meticulously handcraft small batches of our favorite herb/spice blends as well as a select few herbal and spice teas. We start each batch using fresh, whole herbs and spices--some grown right here--for maximum freshness and awesome flavor.

We hand make and hand bottle spice blends and teas weekly during farmers market season and "to order" in the off season. We blend, grind, and bottle only what is needed immediately so it's always fresh for you. We use no added salt,  preservatives, MSG, colorants, flavoring, or fillers. All spice and tea blends are gluten free and dairy free.

How to Buy
  1. During the season (dates vary), we bring our locally grown and freshly harvested produce as well as our artisan spice and teas blends to you through our local farmers markets. Primarily the Canyon Farmers Market and, occasionally, others.
  2. Order for pickup. We deliver (prepaid only) spice blends to drop sites in Canyon and Amarillo year round. See our Order page.
IMPORTANT: For freshness and flavor, we blend, grind, and bottle our spice and tea blends to order. We may, or may not, have the blend you want immediately available. Most orders are ready in 1 - 3 days but larger orders may take longer. 

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