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Quick Easy Versatile Seasoning

Sweet potato hash with egg, topped with a mix of black pepper, white pepper, and coriander seed. Here's something we do every few days to add variety and flavor to our meals. It's quick, easy, and simple. Basic spice blend: White and black pepper with one other spice (usually whole seeds) coarsely ground in a spice grinder, and stored in a small, airtight container for use as a seasoning with salt as well as a finishing spice (photo above). Just make a little at a time--enough for a day or two. Vary the added spice as you like, it adds both complexity and variety to your meals in a very simple way. For example, two teaspoons black peppercorns, one teaspoon white peppercorns, and one teaspoon any one of the following: Black mustard seed Coriander seed Cumin seed Fennel seed Fenugreek seed Sesame seed Sumac If you like it spicy, add a pinch or two of red pepper flake to the mix as well. Use any combination you like and change it often.

Sauté is Screaming Hot

Sauté means to cook quickly over high heat in a shallow pan using minimal fat/oil. Most people don't do it that way. That's why most people don't make food at home that tastes as good as restaurant fare. Have you seen video on the cable food channels of cooks tossing food about in a fry pan with sparks or flames shooting up from the sides? That's what sautéing looks like. It's hotter than frying. Really. This is not sautéing and there's more than one thing wrong with this picture--the pan is too crowded. If you want to know more, the folks over at The Spruce Eats have a good tutorial: What is Sautéing