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Coronavirus Response

Smiling Coyote Farm is monitoring coronavirus guidance from local, state, and federal sources. We will respond accordingly and want to reassure our customers on a couple of points now. Smiling Coyote Farm is now and always has been a farmers' market and direct order/delivery operation. We have no retail presence and do no business with the public on our premises. Our materials, supplies, and products are never handled by anyone other than us. We have neither travelled nor had contact with anyone from outside the local area in 2020 and will not do so until the CDC declares it safe. We are taking all personal precautions--hygiene, sanitary procedures, social distancing, and the like--to keep our premises free of the virus. Should one or the other of us acquire the virus, Smiling Coyote Farms operations will cease immediately All current materials, supplies, and products are from either pre-coronavirus shipments or our own garden production from last year. We do not anticipate