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What is Watermelon Dust?

"What is Watermelon Dust?" you say.

Watermelon Dust isn't really a spice blend, which is what most of our herb/spice products are, it's a table condiment. That's something added to food by the diner, ad lib, as a flavor enhancer.

Watermelon Dust is a very special table condiment in the spirit of salsa en polvo. Salsa en polvo is a popular (ubiquitous) condiment in Latin countries where fresh fruit is part of the culture. It's liberally applied to street food, fruit brought home from the market, and just about anything else that makes its way on to the table. Salsa en polvo is popular in the US as well.

Sprinkle Watermelon Dust, and other examples of salsa en polvo, on mango and melons as well as many other fruits and vegetables including cucumber and jicama. It’s even used in micheladas. There are many applications for salsa en polvo and that's one reason for its popularity.

Smiling Coyote Farm Watermelon Dust is tangy, very mildly spicy, and insanely good sprinkled on fruits and vegetables. It's a flavor enhancer, producing an explosion of flavor from whatever fruit or vegetable it's sprinkled on. It's a "Wow!" thing; flavor times 1000.

We make it with our Old #18 Chile Powder (a proprietary blend of 21 spices and herbs), citrus zest (lime, lemon, orange), and kosher salt. That's all the ingredients. No chemicals, no additives, and we grow some of the chilies in the chile powder.

Watermelon Dust has more complexity than commercial versions and the highest quality, fresh ingredients. It's a unique experience and this is a case where freshness really counts. We formulate, process, and package fresh for Market each week and to order. When we say it's "fresh," we really mean it.

It's rapidly becoming Smiling Coyote Farm's most popular spice blend at the Canyon Farmers' Market--Saturdays from 8 am - Noon on the downtown square in Canyon, TX.

Comment below or PM  us at Smiling Coyote Farm if you can't make the market and we'll work out a way to get it to you anyway.