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Featured for Market: September 7, 2019

Holiday Blend

Yes, as summer winds down and we look forward to Fall, our thoughts naturally move toward upcoming family events and holiday meals. We begin thinking about holiday food and drink favorites, time with family and friends, and do a little planning.

In that spirit we offer Holiday Blend as our featured item this week at a reduced price: $5.00 / jar. That's a dollar off and a really good deal.


Quality and freshness of ingredients is key to artisanal spice blending. We've spent decades growing, and seeking what we cannot grow here, the finest in herbs and spices. Our confidence is high that the spices going into Holiday Blend are the highest quality and freshest available. We stand by that with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Starting with highest quality, fresh whole spices, we formulate, process, and package fresh for Market and fresh to order. This ensures you obtain the highest concentration of flavor and longest shelf life possible in Holiday Blend. No old, stale, off-the-shelf stuff here.

No msg, no “fillers,” no “flavorings,” no additives, no preservatives. Nothing but fresh spices.


The ingredient list says a lot about the flavor profile of Holiday Blend. It's very aromatic and certainly in the "holiday" category but there are a few twists.

The most obvious one is the use of two types of cinnamon. Most Americans are familiar with the kind of cinnamon used in this country for cinnamon toast, spiced latte, eggnog, cookies, cakes, and so on. This is "cassia cinnamon" and most Americans are not aware that cassia cinnamon is not true cinnamon at all.

We use a specific type of cassia cinnamon (Saigon cinnamon) for its higher oil content and intense flavor. The flavor is robust, sweet, and spicy--like those "red hot" candies from our childhood. Cassia cinnamon is the first ingredient here, so it is the primary note in the aroma.

Ginger is the second ingredient and Holiday Blend brings serious ginger to the party. Gingerbread cookies--warm, aromatic, and sensuous.

Then there is "Ceylon Cinnamon," the true cinnamon. This is more subtle than cassia cinnamon and more commonly used in Europe and Mexico. This is the cinnamon with which our "Founding Fathers" were familiar. Ceylon cinnamon is both deeply complex and subtle. It's warm and sweet with hints of citrus and cloves.

More common in berbere, curry powder and garam masala, we use cardamom in this blend for its robust, fruity aroma and lemony flavor.

Mace and clove form an underlying trifecta of flavor in Holiday Blend, making the aroma exotic and warm, the flavor spicy with hints of citrus.

Holiday Blend is a workhorse spice blend in our holiday arsenal.


Of course, the obvious use is in holiday baked goods where the cinnamon and ginger can shine. Substitute freely in any holiday recipe.

In drinks: hot tea, toddies, eggnog, hot chocolate, cider, punch bowls, and the like.

On fresh fruit, in cobbler, custards, on pancakes, with yogurt, in smoothies, and in protein drinks.

Use as a finishing spice: Sprinkle over sweet potatoes, baked squash, stuffing, oatmeal, and the like just before serving.

Get it!

At the Canyon Farmers' Market in Canyon, TX this Saturday, September 7, 2019, from 8:00 am until Noon. If you can't make the Market, message us on Facebook or Contact a Coyote here for other delivery options, questions, or concerns.