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Featured for Market: September 14, 2019

Pure Chile Powder

Heading into Fall with football season cranking up means good times and good food. Our Pure Chile Powder helps you score touchdowns and get rave reviews for food and snacks.

What is it?

It's chile powder but that term is confusing because there are "chili" powders, "chile" powders, as well as chili mixes, seasonings, and more. Pure Chile Powder is pure chilies, ground. It's not a mix or blend of spices. It's just chilies.

Most culinary sources describe the difference between chili powder and chile powder something like this:
  • Chili (with an I) is a stew-like dish made using chilies known as chili con carne. Many in Texas refer to it as "a bowl of red." Chili Powder, chili mix, chili seasoning or similar terms are blends of different spices including chilies but also contain salt, garlic, cumin, and other herbs of spices used to make chili con carne.
  • Chile (with an E) refers to the plant and its fruit including the dried pods. Poblano, jalapeno, New Mexico, for example, are chilies. So are their dried versions like chipotle, and ancho. 
Smiling Coyote Farm's Pure Chile Powder isn't a "mix" or blend of spices for making chili. It's nothing but chilies and that means it's useful for much more than just chili. 

We're not saying it isn't good for making chili, it's great for making chili. But, it's great for other things as well.


We toast six different chilies to intensify their flavor before removing the seeds by hand (reduces the heat), processing, and packaging fresh to order or fresh for market. These six chilies are darker and milder than those used in most commercial products. They are also deeper and richer. 

The choice of chilies and process used leads to an earthier, richer, "darker" flavor profile with mild heat. It's the kind of ground chile needed to make authentic Texas chili with that wonderful red color.


  • Meat rub (especially good with dark cocoa)
  • Chilies enhance the flavor of chocolate: Brownies, cakes, hot chocolate. 
  • Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes such as nacho meat, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and the like
  • Cheese balls
  • Dips (mix with sour cream or 1/2 mayonnaise, 1/2 Greek yogurt)
  • Wings
  • Mixed with lime as a marinade for chicken, pork, or beef
  • In hummus
  • Grilled seafood
  • Chili of course
Remember that Pure Chile Powder does not contain salt and adjust recipes accordingly.

Get it!

At the Canyon Farmers' Market in Canyon, TX this Saturday, September 14, 2019, from 8:00 am until Noon. If you can't make the Market, message us on Facebook or Contact a Coyote right her on this page (under the coyote image, top right) for other delivery options, questions, or concerns.


  1. Will try this Chile powder for dinner. Thanks for sharing use of Chile powder.


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