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"The" Chef's Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch Chef's


This is the very affordable, workhorse knife we use every single day and have used for many, many years. It's the knife I used earlier to prep breakfast for Dyna and myself. It's the knife we'll use to prep dinner as well. It's the knife chefs graduate from culinary school using. It's used in restaurants all over the world every day.  We think it deserves consideration for a position in your kitchen. There are reasons for this.

The Victorinox Fibrox Pro strikes the perfect balance between easy edge maintenance and holding an edge for a long time. We touch ours up with a ceramic "steel" before every use and it rarely requires sharpening. It comes with and keeps a razor edge.

It's an 8 inch knife--easy to handle even for long periods and fits the hand like a an extension of  your body.

The weight is about a half-pound. It's exceptionally well balanced, light and quick; handles like a dream.

The pointed tip cuts tough skins and rinds with ease. A slightly-curved design chops ingredients fast, making short work of prep.

Fibrox handle: It's comfortable, non-slip even when wet, and ergonomic. Cleans easily--dishwasher safe but we don't. Comfortable to the hand even over long periods of prep. Stable grip for safety and ease of use.

It's high carbon stainless steel, has a lifetime warranty, and made by Victorinox.

Finally: The price is right. It's very affordable. Look at the price down there on the Amazon link.

Yeah, really.

Click below to get one now.