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Featured for Market: August 31, 2019

Smoky Southwest Rub

The gastronomy of the Southwest (Texas across to southern California) is complex, unique, and the result of influences from many different cultures. The flavors are robust and bold—primarily due to cooking method (grilling, roasting, smoking) and use of spices (chile powder, cumin, coriander, oregano, cinnamon). The ingredients of the Southwest are simple and clean—primal meats, beans, corn, peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, avocadoes, squash. It’s a cuisine worthy of celebration.

This week Smiling Coyote Farm celebrates our sense of place by featuring Smoky Southwest Rub. It’s $7/bag, a one-dollar savings. Here’s why we love this, our most popular blend and now rub.


Many of the spices used in Smoky Southwest Rub are toasted whole before grinding. Toasting brings out the essential, aromatic oils and adds another layer of flavor from the process. Since we formulate, process, and package fresh every week, you get the benefit of those fresh flavors and long shelf life.

There are a lot of “southwest” spice blends and rubs found in every grocery store and all over the internet. We’re surprised people don’t trip over them in the streets. However, none of them (really; none that we can locate) are like Smoky Southwest Rub. Our ingredients and treatment of the ingredients is quite unique.

Nothing else you can buy tastes like Smoky Southwest Rub and we can see your eyebrows shoot skyward as you read that. But there’s a reason we say it.


Smoky Southwest is a complex blend and one we’ve made for many, many decades. We use three of our other spice blends to make it: Pure Chile Powder (6 different chilies), Garam Masala (10 herbs and spices), and Holiday Blend (6 spices). In addition, Smoky Southwest Rub contains a precise formulation of 11 other herbs and spices. When we say this is “unique” or you “can’t buy anything else like it,” we really mean it.


What Smoky Southwest Rub does not contain: No msg, no “fillers,” no “flavorings,” no additives, no preservatives. Nothing but herbs, spices, some salt, and a touch of coconut palm sugar for balance.

Southwest Flavor

What Smoky Southwest tastes like: Have you ever wanted to cook like Bobby Flay? It tastes like that.

The chilies (Ancho, Guajillo, New Mexico, Mulato, Negro, and a touch of chipotle) are dark, rich, and mild—toasted and seeded before grinding. The aroma is bright, smoky, and boldly aromatic—cumin, coriander, and more. You find hints of sweet spices and intriguing flavors than seem familiar, but you can’t quite put your finger on their name as they entice you in for more. There’s a robust background of garlic, onion, and savory herbs like thyme, oregano, and bay leaves holding the whole thing together.

Wow! (right?)

When you use Smoky Southwest Rub, save some to use as a “finishing” spice. Add it at the end of cooking or a dash on top after plating the food. It’s the best of both worlds—those deep, rich cooked in flavors coupled with a burst of bright fresh flavor to finish.

Need some ideas?

Perfect: As a rub for slow smoking, barbecuing, grilling, baking, or roasting any type of meat, it goes with anything, everything, including vegetables. Our first love is Southwest grilled or smoked chicken and we’re a big fan of Southwest rubbed salmon, but pork and beef are both stellar. The photo is a slow cooked pork shoulder.

Take a dip: Add to sour cream or half yogurt/half mayonnaise for a great southwest dip or spread.

What else?

Well: Taco meat, chili, quesadillas, steak fries, burritos, flautas, tamales, wraps, and tostadas. You get the idea, right?

Keep in mind that Smoky Southwest Rub, unlike our herb/spice blend in jars, does contain salt. Not ginormous quantities, but enough to season anything you’re cooking. Be judicious and taste before adding salt.

Get It

Only $7 / bag (about one cup) at The Canyon Farmers’ Market this coming Saturday (August 31, 2019) from 8am until Noon. Come early.