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Chili, Chile, and the Powder

In the United States, we often use “chili” and “chile” interchangeably. In culinary terms, however, they don’t mean the same thing. Chili refers to the dish (“a bowl of red,” as we say in Texas), and chile refers to the spice--pods or fruits of plants we call chilies. Smiling Coyote Farm makes both and we try to make the distinction easy. We label our blend of ground chilies “Pure Chile Powder” and our chili mix “Old #18 Chili Mix.” Keep it simple, right.

And, for Saturday August 3, 2019 at the Canyon Farmers's Market, our featured spice blend is...

Pure Chile Powder

This blend of ground chilies is unique. I don’t believe it’s found anywhere other than Smiling Coyote Farm. The ingredient list gives some idea why. Many people are unfamiliar with some of these amazing chilies and they deserve more respect.

Notice there are nothing but chilies listed. No paprika, no salt, no MSG, no preservatives, no cayenne or other “fillers;” nothing but the chilies. The ingredients listed below are all the ingredients in order by weight.

·         Chili Ancho, Whole
·         Chili Guajillo, Whole
·         Chili Mulato, Whole
·         Chili Pasilla Negro, Whole
·         Chili New Mexico, Whole
·         Chili Chipotle, Whole

We take great care curating this blend. Toasting the whole chilies first, then removing the seeds so it’s very mild, and finally grinding in small batches fresh to order or for market for intense flavor and long shelf-life. It’s done “right.”
This blend is “dark,” and it’s obviously dark... At first sight and at first smell. It’s distinctly different from any other chile powder.
Flavor profile
Ripe fruit--cherries, plums, raisins--coffee and dark chocolate, and a sensuous smoky undertone. Quite different from anything else on the market: Rich, deep, savory with a hint of natural sweetness, and very mildly spicy. Well balanced.
Almost any recipe calling for chilies of any sort--substitute 1:1. If you make chili, casseroles, beans, enchiladas, tacos, barbacoa, asada, pastor, or any Tex-Mex or Mexican favorite, this one should be in your kitchen. Excellent as a meat rub, especially on prime cuts of steak, and as a topping/garnish on devilled eggs, potato salad, eggs, and your favorite cheese ball.
We’ll post some recipes for you soon.

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