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Pure Chile/Cocoa Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

We’re feature Smiling Coyote Farm Pure Chile Powder this week at the Canyon Farmers’ Market. Here’s a recipe that highlights its versatility, flavor, and usefulness beyond chili, Tex-Mex, or Mexican food. We’re going to grill these pork tenderloins, but you can easily adapt the recipe to your own method. Print Recipe Ingredients  For the rub: 1 tablespoon Smiling Coyote Farm Pure Chile Powder 1 tablespoon Dutch-process or unsweetened dark cocoa powder 1 tablespoon dark brown or coconut palm sugar 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon Smiling Coyote Farm Smoky Southwest spice blend For the tenderloins 2 pork tenderloins, 1 - 1 1/2 pounds each 2 tablespoons olive oil Method For the rub:  Put all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well to combine. For the tenderloins: Remove silver skin, pat dry with paper towels. Rub well with olive oil, then apply rub evenly.  Allow to rest 30 minutes on the counter or up to 24 hours refrigerated. Heat grill to medium (350°

Mango with Pure Chile Powder

Here’s a great use for Smiling Coyote Farm Pure Chile Powder that only takes 10 minutes to prepare. The original recipe comes from Food & Wine a few years back. We put our own spin on it and love this refreshing dish in the summer with grilled vegetables or meat, especially Smoky Southwest grilled chicken. We think you will, too. Ingredients 3 mangoes, peeled and sliced 1/4 inch thick 1 tablespoon good quality extra virgin olive oil 1 lime, zest and juice 1 teaspoon Smiling Coyote Farm Pure Chile Powder Kosher salt Fresh cracked black pepper Optional: chopped fresh mint Make it Arrange mangos in a single layer on a platter. Drizzle with olive oil and lime juice. Sprinkle with lime zest and Pure Chile Powder, salt, pepper, and mint (if using). Done. Ready to serve as-is or chill in fridge for an hour.

Chili, Chile, and the Powder

In the United States, we often use “chili” and “chile” interchangeably. In culinary terms, however, they don’t mean the same thing. Chil i refers to the dish (“a bowl of red,” as we say in Texas), and chil e refers to the spice--pods or fruits of plants we call chilies. Smiling Coyote Farm makes both and we try to make the distinction easy. We label our blend of ground chilies “Pure Chile Powder” and our chili mix “Old #18 Chili Mix.” Keep it simple, right. And, for Saturday August 3, 2019 at the Canyon Farmers's Market , our  featured spice blend is... Pure Chile Powder This blend of ground chilies is unique. I don’t believe it’s found anywhere other than Smiling Coyote Farm . The ingredient list gives some idea why. Many people are unfamiliar with some of these amazing chilies and they deserve more respect. Notice there are nothing but chilies listed. No paprika, no salt, no MSG, no preservatives, no cayenne or other “fillers;” nothing but the chilie