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Spiced Tea Time: And a special deal, too.

This year, in addition to our boxes of teabags, we now offer loose tea. As an introductory offer ("while supplies last," as they say) the price of a box of loose tea includes a tea infuser. That's a sweet deal.

Loose tea is more economical and, if you have an infuser, just as convenient as teabags. Put that together with our insanely good spice teas and it's a winner.

Both loose tea and tea bags are package in a poly, food-safe, zip lock inside the box for freshness and maximum flavor in every cup.


Occasional Mention: Two types of black tea infused with warm, sweet spices and sweet orange. Popular during Colonial times and still a favorite today. Serve iced or hot. Contains caffeine.Jasmine Ginger Green: Select green teas, intensely floral jasmine flowers, and the lovely pungency of ginger. Insanely good summer beverage served iced or hot. Contains caffeine.Spiced Rooibos: The South African herbal favorite (rooibos or red bush tea) infused with …