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Smiling Coyote Salsa

This salsa freezes well and adjusts easily to your heat preference. It's better with Smiling Coyote Farms vine ripened tomatoes and chilies but excellent using canned tomatoes as well. When tomatoes are in season, substitute an equal amount of chopped paste tomatoes for canned. Either way, it's better than any off-the-shelf salsa... Even the one from New York City. Ingredients
1 - 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes20 - 28 oz. by volume water depending on thickness desired1/4 cup rice (or other) vinegar1 onion finely diced4 large or 6 small jalapenos, finely diced  (see "Adjusting Heat" below)3 cloves garlic minced2 teaspoons salt (or to taste)1 teaspoon Mexican oregano1 bunch fresh cilantro, large stems removed, chopped
Adjusting Heat For a very mild salsa, remove seeds from all jalapenos. For a little spice, leave seeds in one or two. For some real heat, use all the seeds. To maximize the firepower even more, substitute serrano chilies for the jalapenos and use all seeds.