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Sampler Packs: Gottum

Did someone say, "sampler packs?"

Yes, yes, I believe they did and the answer is, "Yes," we gottum.

"What are 'sampler packs,'" you ask? Wellllllllllllll...

Our herb/spice blend samplers are are perfect for small households, adventurous exploration, or just getting acquainted with our products. Each individual packet contains about one tablespoon--ample for one or two recipes, depending on size.

There's an Americas Sampler (3 packets), an Asia/India Sampler (4 packets), a Mediterranean sampler (3 packets), a Holiday Sampler (3 packets), and a Mix-or-Match Sampler (as many as you want) where you get to pick your own selection (minimum 3).

Nice, huh. You bet!

We have a sampler with all four of our tea blends as well.

Can you believe it? I know... I know!

We'll have plenty at the Flea to Fab Market and Craft Show on December 12. Read about it right here and on Facebook.

If you can't wait, order right here for local delivery / pickup.

Yes, we do that. Cool, huh?

This coyote delivers
for you


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