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Gift Boxes: Gottum

"Do you have gift boxes?"

Apparently, the masses want to know.

"Well, yes we gottum! Of course, we gottum!" Is the reply.

And they're nice, too. Really nice.

High quality, white, padded gift box with a lid. Holds three of our 2 fl. oz. glass jars or two of our 3 fl. oz. glass jars very nicely. It's your choice which herb/spice blend selection goes in the box and we can help with some recommendations if you get stuck.

Try a set from the Americas: Sizzling Southwest, House Creole, and Old #18 Chili Powder, for example. You get the idea.

Our teas (20 individual tea bags) already come in a nice white, high quality box so... there ya go. They're ready to go already.

We'll have plenty at the Flea to Fab Market and Craft Show on December 12 and you can read all about it right here

But, if you just can't wait, order now for local pickup/delivery.

Yes, we do that!

This coyote delivers
for  you