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What's up today at the Farm?

Well, in addition to the usual chores--garden maintenance and the like--we continue preparations today for the Flea to Fab Market and Craft Show this Saturday.

It's a lot of work getting these insanely good teas and herb/spice combinations blended, ground, and packaged but, when you have a passion for it as we do, it's a labor of love. We hope you think so, too.

We're finishing a little work left over from yesterday--packaging teas--and starting on the spice blends this morning. The house really smells wonderful and it will only get better when we start packaging the spices.

We completed "spiffing" and polishing on the booth. We were set up outside a lot of the year so, we're not being picky here, it was in need of some attention.

While we were at it, we got a couple of new tablecloths and a few items to make it more "holiday." Put some big red bows on the coyote posters... Holiday cheer, eh.

If you're planning to be there Saturday, you can pre-order teas and spice blends for pickup. If you pre-order, we'll have your stuff packaged up and ready to go. We do expect, with a good market, to sell out of items so pre-ordering guarantees you get what you want.

Pre-order here:

More about Saturday here:

And, finally, this is what it looked like while doing the early morning chores today.