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Holiday Markets!

Holiday Market Time: We're ready, are you? Smiling Coyote Farm is bringing it to the Canyon Farmers Market 's holiday market this coming Saturday (November 14 from 9 am - 4 pm) at the Cole Community Center in Canyon, TX. Then we'll do it again the following Saturday (November 21, same time, same station). What's new, you ask? Well, before we go there, and just to refresh your memory, here are the Smiling Coyote herb/spice blends you've seen (and loved) at previous markets in four categories: The Americas Collection: Sizzling Southwest, House Creole, and Old #18 Chili Powder. Mediterranean Blends: Belle Erba (Italian), Proven├žal (French), and Nostimo! (Greek). From Asia and India: The Five Elements (China) and Garam Masala (India). Our Seasonal Blends: Pumpkin Pie Spice, Holiday Blend 2015, and Bird Rub Read their descriptions see the ingredient list . Introducing: New Spices! We're expanding that selection to include Panch Phoron (Ben