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Holiday Spice Talk: Pear Preserves, Apple Butter and Coffee Creamer

"Yes, we do," we replied.

The question put to us was from a fellow vendor at the Canyon Farmer's Market a week or so ago, "Do you take special requests?"

Pear Preserves and Apple Butter

Custom herb / spice blends are a pleasure to create. Whether we process to your specifications, use a classic formula, or a create a unique blend together, we are passionate about our spices and providing you with the freshest, best quality blends imaginable.

And, we provide "bulk" amounts of our bottled blends, on request, as well. Our Holiday Blend for canning and baking is especially popular this time of year.

One of the fringe benefits of creating custom blends is getting to taste the results. Old Fashioned Pear Preserves from Sheri's Country Cupboard, and Apple Butter from Conant's Country Kitchen are two recent examples.

These are just delicious. The blends are used with great care creating subtlety and enhancing, rather than overpowering, the flavors of fresh apple and pear. These are not the flat, one-dimensional pablum found on most grocery store shelves. This is art.

You can taste these as well. Both are available at the Canyon Farmers Market. Open Saturday morning from 8 am - Noon and on first and third Tuesday evenings from 7 pm - 9 pm.

Shoot us an email here if you're interested in bulk or custom blends:

Coffee Creamer

A customer the other day mentioned using our Holiday Blend in a unique way. They make their own coffee creamer. That's a good idea since most of the ingredients in commercially available creamers are chemicals.

We Googled around a bit and found out that homemade coffee creamer is a "thing." There are lots of recipes on do-it-yourself sites and blogs around the web. 

Since we don't use cream or creamer in our coffee, we're not qualified to pass judgement on the winners and losers. But we do like the idea of adding Holiday Blend 2015 to yours if you are so inclined. Good idea, indeed.